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Our Program


Mission and Experience

Strength From Numbers was founded in 2017 by James Strong and Ming Wu. The program initially started out in Julia Stark Elementary School in Stamford CT, and with the immense support of parents and the school, expanded to three elementary schools in the Stamford district the following year. The team from Darien organized Stamford's district's first elementary school math competition between these schools. Strength From Numbers started as an enrichment program but has expanded into also helping students in math. The program has taught over one-hundred students and the teachers have over four-hundred hours of teaching combined. The team held its first independent online summer session this past summer with over 20 students from the tri-state area for 14 classes. As of 2020, Strength From Numbers looking to expand into the Darien CT district and help students entering middle school keep their math skills sharp. Our goal is to keep inspire a passion of math in young students and teach them how to think in a mathematical manner.

We would like to thank Mr. Kinahan, our math teacher advisor from the Stamford district, for his help and guidance.

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